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  • CleanRest Pro Box Spring Encasement

  • $ 59.99

  • Description

    Encasing your box spring is a critical line of defense in the war against bed bug infestation as well as improving the quality and cleanliness of your overall sleep.  Box springs, also known as Foundations are an easy target for bed bug infestation due to their hollow center design, allowing a dark, hidden area for the insects to escape to and breed in during the day; waiting until nightfall to move towards the sleeping victim.  Don't leave this safe haven open and available for deep infestation. The CleanRest Pro box spring encasement should always be used in combination with the CleanRest Pro mattress encasement.  

    ·         Made with patented MicronOne allergy blocking fabric technology

    ·         Zip-N-Click certified zipper closure system

    ·         Bite proof

    ·         Breathable

    ·         BPA Free, Phthalate Free and No VOCs

    ·         Machine washable

    ·         Complete Coverage

    ·         10 Year Warranty